For those of you who may not have read my earlier blog about designing print apparel that was featured on the cover of the August issue of Impressions Magazine, please check out the original blog first.

I truly enjoyed having creative freedom for the cover story project.  It was exciting to create a collection of designs that showcased the variety of my work as well as the versatility of the machine.  The project was especially engaging because I had the chance to work on some new garment styles in vibrant colors.

I love working with color because I truly believe the right color combinations can make a design pop and create an excellent statement piece. As a designer, my mission is to create unique, beautiful art that also boosts a person’s confidence and overall mood.  Adding the right mix of color, print and accessories can make all the difference!

What I love the most about art/design is it gives me a way to express what I’m feeling in hopes to encourage others as well. I think there is great power in art as a universal expression. It is a tangible representation of our thoughts and feelings and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to share mine.


Design Process

Design #1: Branching Out (Cover Photo)

This shirt print is called “Branching Out,” and represents stretching outside of your comfort zone to achieve something greater—whatever that may be to each individual. Personally, I’ve always wanted to reach my full potential, and this represents the growth and experiences we have in getting there.

The top is paired with my “Pansy Sketch” wrapband. The stark white accessory contrasted against the tangerine top makes it stand out. Often my design work is very intricate, so I like to use the juxtaposition of color to create a balance.

  "Branching Out" print shirt with "Pansy Sketch" wrapband

   Photography: Henry Bernstein, Model: Megan Snyder


Design #2 Stained Glass (Photo, page 20)

Much of my design inspiration comes from travel near and far. I find patterns in every day walks or when I’m exploring a new place.  “Stained Glass” is one of my favorite designs because I created it after my study abroad experience in Spain.

During my time in Spain, I became enamored with the energetic people, rich culture and the exquisite architecture. Spain is a colorful place in so many ways and this is my artistic expression of its beauty. The original design is shown on the tote bag, an interesting spread of “Stained Glass” pieces in jewel toned colors. 

I love creating complementing pieces to pull together the overall look, so I took the same design and made it a solid, graphic print on the shirt. Finally, I added the emerald green cotton scarf and my wrapband to complete the look. I like that the wrapband button accents the scarf and the band highlights the warm, coppery color of the shirt to bring everything together.

Alternative Apparel slouchy top, color: Rust

"Stained Glass" print shirt and tote, "Temple" wrapband

Photography: Henry Bernstein, Model: Megan Snyder



The fleece tops by Independent Trading Company turned out to be an excellent fabric choice and silhouette for printing.  It is a practical piece with fashionable appeal, which is hard to find in a garment, and this particular style certainly achieves it.

The heavyweight material had a smooth hand that made it lay nicely and was sturdy enough to stay in place. Cotton also takes ink the best, so it resulted in crisp, bold and saturated color. I was very pleased working with the garments. In fact, I’m interested in doing more work on the heavier weight fabric after running samples with these pieces.



Independent Trading Company fleece top, color: Atomic Green

"Logo Swirl" print shirt and scarf, "Stained Glass" wrapband

 Photography: Henry Bernstein, Model: Megan Snyder

Independent Trading Company fleece top, color: Purple Haze

"Midnight Rose" print shirt, "Rose Petal" scarf and wrapband

Photography: Henry Bernstein, Model: Michelle Szabo


Thought Process

When I’m creating new designs, I think about the overall look and how an entire outfit will look together. I am interested in the styling as much as the individual design work. For this project in particular, I wanted to create pieces that are modern, fresh, bold and artistic. Using digital technology pushes me to create designs that maintain my original artwork, but uses the technology to go beyond.

For me, it has become a beautiful combination of natural, raw art elevated by the graphic precision and possibilities of digital design. I didn’t do much experimenting for this project because the brightly colored tops really seemed to match up well with my designs. I feel like I found a great background for each of the designs. 

However, it is important to note that for as much time as I spend creating designs, the same amount of time and care needs to be put into the presentation. I have learned a great deal about the importance of photography from Henry Bernstein (my mentor mentioned in my previous article). In regards to the cover story, he made my designs come alive and captured the emotion that I want to evoke and for people to feel in each and every one of my garments.