Demos and Scarf Tying

Wrapband Tying Video: How to tie and style your new accessory!

Scarf Tying Techniques: Fashion Feature!


The Wrapband by R.Levine: How to Wear it with Style!


The Chain Tie Technique: Scarf Tying

Hand-painted Silk Sash: Styling Tips


 Scarf Tying-Adding Volume: Infinity Tie, TurtleNeck Tie

Scarf Tying: Braided, Wrap Around, tied as a VEST!


Welcome to R.Levine "How do I wear it?" Here you'll find demos and tying videos so you can make the most out of your new R.Levine piece!  1. Cotton Jersey Scarf  2. Wrapband 3. Collar Necklace


 R.Levine Cotton Jersey Scarf: A year round favorite!


NEW! R.Levine Wrapband: Wrap around in Style :)



R.Levine Collar Necklace: Try these 3 great ways to wear it!