About Us

I have always had a love for color and pattern. From the time I can remember, I worked on art projects and always enjoyed picking out the perfect accessories to go with every outfit!

My first big break was when I introduced my line of hand-painted silk scarves in Spring 2009 at a Henri Bendel trunk show in NYC. I've been building the collection ever since to include a wide variety of custom art and accessories. I founded R.Levine in my hometown of Solon, Ohio and now I'm currently operating out of downtown Chicago. I went to art school in Chicago and now I'm living here after getting married in January. It's great to come back to my second home to share my art with more people and continue to grow.

Each R.Levine print is unique and begins with a sketch, so you are truly wearing a piece of art! The collection is an expression of bold and artistic style that is unique, stylish and sophisticated. My goal is to inspire and empower people through art by creating one of kind pieces to kick up their style and attitude.

Whether you are going down the street or across the country, I hope you feel energized wearing an R.Levine creation!