I'm am feeling excited and energized after a great show yesterday! Thank you to all of the women that stopped by the R.Levine booth. I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and hearing which accessories are your favorite!

It turns out the newest R.Levine accessory, the Wrapband, was a hit!! I am so happy because it is a piece I have been developing for a while. For me, it is a glamorous "fighter" band. You can wrap it and wear it any way you like to feel strong and confident! I hope each time you put on the wrapband that best expresses your style, you feel great in it. Check back soon for some new prints as well! By popular demand- the "Animal Instinct" line is the next wrapband design collection to roll out!

Thanks for all of your support and I hope to see you at the next show!!

R.Levine will be at the Signature of Solon (Solon, OH) on Friday, November 11th from 4-9pm. See you then! R.Levine