I am a big believer in making something out of nothing (seemingly). Art is wonderful because it allows you to be creative with no limits. I call this project "Sticks and Stones" to illustrate how you don't need much to make something unique and beautiful. I especially love creating accessories with found items from a trip, so it serves as a keepsake and an artful piece you couldn't find anywhere else. The best part is, those memories fill you up with happiness and energy each time you wear your creation! 

As you will see below, I gathered a couple of stones from my trip to Bay Harbor, MI last month. I loved walking up and down the shore, exploring the patterned and colored rocks thrown and rolled around by the water. I had only made pieces out of shells prior, but I actually loved the rough and worn quality of the lakeshore treasures. There was a certain peace and calm along the water. I wanted to capture that in my design, so I freely painted and adorned the rocks with crystals for an added bit of sparkle (like the sun on the water). After the paint dried, I simply attached earring posts (with an adhesive pad, quick and easy!) to the back of the rocks. I hope you enjoy seeing the transformation and are inspired to create your own. Keep following the blog for more updates and ideas. :)